Live like a young noble!


Experience in family the life of Court in the Renaissance: games, sports ... and good manners!

Every day, the castle and its wharf come alive with fun activities to revive the daily life of the gentlemen and ladies of the court: Latin, board games, ball games, bowling, shuffleboard...

Perfect your learning by participating in the workshops of the young nobility: archery, fencing, typography, palm games, dance... (days and schedules on request).

On guard!
16.04, 19.04, 23.04 & 25.04

Fencing workshop

From 9 years old

Hand games, naughty games
17.04, 24.04 & 26.04

Initiation to ball games

It's your turn !
20.04, 21.04 & 22.04

Outdoor games


In partnership with the bi-departmental committee of rural sport CDSMR 07-26, the company of tricastine archers, Gemelli Gelato - creator of Italian ice creams, Valérie Karpouchko - specialist of the games, the tricastine Iron Mask, Fanny Ouvrard - visual artist, Quentin Préaud - typographer, Talon pointe - dance company.


  • Suze-la-Rousse

  • Family Activity

  • Suze-la-Rousse

  • Family Activity

  • Suze-la-Rousse

  • Family Activity