Les Châteaux de la Drôme offer activities driven by a single ambition: turning children or teenagers into watchers by developing their observing and judgment abilities through direct contact with the works. We aim to develop the youngsters' sensitivity and creativity by giving them keys to reading and training them in the analysis of artistic or architectural works. 


All visits are in French.

Education artistique et culturelle

Bâtir ensemble des projets adaptés à vos publics, s’inscrivant dans les critères de l’éducation artistique et culturelle.

Du projet soutenu, imaginé et porté par les enseignants ou encadrants, au projet co-construit qui bénéficie du soutien de l’académie et des collectivités territoriales. Tous les projets donnent lieu à une restitution au château et / ou dans l’établissement.


  • Les visites

    > Durée : 1h30

    > Privilégient les moments d’écoute et d’échange

  • Les parcours

    > Durée : 1h30 à 2h

    > Encouragent une découverte active

  • Carte blanche

    > Durée : 2 h

    > Permet une approche plus individuelle et plus sensible des châteaux


  • A mediation structured around two main axis :

    • The château, its realms of fancy, its historical reality, the ways of life throughout the centuries.
    • The museum collections to decrypt and question in order to learn how to look.
    For young children (between 3 - 12 years old)

    Documents in French

    The Château

    Vie de château C1, C2, C3

    Carte blanche C2, C3


    Carte blanche C2, C3

    For teenagers and young adult (until high school)

    Documents in French

    The Château

    Vies de château

    Le château de la marquise

    Carte blanche 


    Carte blanche

    Teacher resource materials are in French only
  • Contact
    Marie-Christine Fourel :
    Cécile Roux :


Adhémar / Montélimar

Fees 2017

  • School establishments :

    - discovery tour : € 50 flat fee per class

  • Children's facilities* : € 2 per person

    * Children's facilities : holiday camps, holiday activity centres, Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture, residential centres, day hospitals, clubs or associations organising activities for children, Centre d'Aide par le Travail and facilities for the handicapped.

Practical info

  • Opening hours

    September to june : 10 - 12.30 am / 2 - 6 pm (closed on Tuesdays from November to March).

    July and August : 10 am - 6 pm

    For greater comfort, it is possible to book a specific time on tuesdays (Adhemars' château only) or from 9 am before opening to the public.

    The Adhémars' château is closed during the setting up and taking down of exhibitions.

  • Booking

    Booking is compulsory for all young audience groups.

    By phone : +33 (0)4 75 91 83 64 from Monday to Friday 9.30 - 12.30 am.

    By e-mail :

    By fax : +33 (0)4 75 91 83 67

  • Further information

    Request are dealt with by order of arrival. Bookings are confirmed by post, fax or email. Group visits must not exceed 30 pupils. The booking services are closed from July to August included. No new booking will be considered during that period.