Welcome to the châteaux of the Drôme
7th August


Château de Grignan
10 am / 6 pm

Château de Suze-la-Rousse
9 am / 18 pm

Château de Montélimar
10 am / 6 pm

The week's agenda

Sévigné / Molière, été 1672

This summer, the Château de Grignan offers to evoke the friendship between two emblematic characters of the 17th century, Sévigné and Molière, through an ambulatory and whimsical spectacle. With an imaginary red thread, but not devoid of veracity, their supposed meeting in the residence of the Count of Grignan in the summer of 1672 ...

The spectators, guided inside and outside the castle, attend a theatrical tour freely inspired by fictional stories, historical anecdotes, extracts from letters and selected scenes from Molière.
Ticketing: from June 24.

Château de Grignan

Opening - Bar du Bosquet

Enjoy the conviviality and the guinguette charm of the Bar du Bosquet with gourmet snacks, mixed boards and local drinks.

• Open during the day:
From 10/07 to 31/08.
From 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. non-stop.
Without reservation.

• Open in the evening:
From 13/07 to 15/08.
From 7:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.
Reservation required at the show ticket office.

► 04 75 91 83 65.

Château de Grignan


Every morning at 10:30 am

Adhémar's Pocket
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Characters made with the laser cutter, to decorate and integrate into the model of the home to bring to life and enrich the Castel Pocket device.

Draw me a letter
Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Letters to be decorated in the style of copyist monks and illuminations.
Duration about 1 hour

Château de Adhémar

Tous créatifs !

Parcours de visite familial
Du 8.06.2020 au 31.12.2020

Qui vivait au château au Moyen Age ? Comment vivait-on ? Comment construit-on un palais ? Que mangeait-on ? Comment le seigneur s'adressait à ses sujets ?

Pour y répondre : jeux de piste, ambiances sonores, devinettes tactiles, réalité augmentée, expression libre, manipulation d'objets, jeux de construction, et de nombreuses autres surprises à découvrir...

En savoir plus

Château de Adhémar

Charles IX, summer 1564

3 activities for young and old!
From 13.07 to 14.08.2020

• Animal orientation course and archery (alternating)
> The young nobleman's hobbies - Monday to Friday morning

• In the footsteps of Charles IX
> Family treasure hunt - Monday to Friday afternoon

• Wii-type video game
> Advantage! A palm game - from mid-July

Château de Suze la rousse

New at Suze !

Palm game

A new installation will see the light of day during the summer (forecast: mid-July) on the ground floor of the Château de Suze-la-Rousse, in the old kitchens. An educational and fun device on the room and the tennis court will allow you to discover the history of this building, one of the oldest in Europe, and the rules of a game widely used during the Renaissance.
Within the installation, the public will be able to experience this popular and aristocratic leisure - precursor of our current ball games (tennis, Basque pelota ...) - thanks to a video game (wii type).

Château de Suze la rousse

Nougat at Suze

Friday afternoons
July 17 to August 14

Come and discover the secrets of nougat! This summer, the Château de Suze-la-Rousse welcomes the nougat tree Chabert & Guillot. The nougat cook performs demonstrations and offers a tasting stand.

Château de Suze la rousse

Classical Summer Concerts

This is very good news: the musicians are returning to the stage of the Château de Suze this summer! Find a beautiful summer season ...


Château de Suze la rousse

Adapted visit route

In order to visit the Castles with complete peace of mind, please follow these recommendations:

• Respect the direction of visit •
Maintain a distance of 1 m between you and other visitors
• Wear a mask inside

Pass Drôme

The Castles of Drôme, partners of the Pass Drome

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