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Quand le diable s'en mêle

When the devil interferes

Adaptation and direction Didier Bezace
From three plays by Georges Feydeau :
Léonie est en avance, Feu la mère de madame,
On purge bébé.

On the Drôme Department's invitation, Didier Bezace has this summer taken possession of the courtyard of the château of Grignan where he has staged three short Feydeau's plays under the stars: Léonie est en avance, Feu la mère de madame, On purge bébé. Joyful and cruel fragmentary chronicles of wedded anarchy, a sure promise of summer evenings filled with magic and laughter. No slamming of doors, no settees or boudoirs, simply a large night stage on which are acted and re-enacted the cruel and funny changes of married life. To throw minds and bodies into a panic, Feydeau disguises himself and enters the game under the traits of various characters. A wonderful farce where couples left Eden a long time ago; they are in purgatory, and from purgatory to hell, there is but a short step... when the devil interferes.

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  • Casting

    Philippe Bérodot, Thierry Gibault, Ged Marlon, Clotilde Mollet, Océane Mozas, Lisa Schuster, Luc Tremblais.

    Artistic team

    Stage design : Jean Haas
    Artistic assistant : Dyssia Loubatière
    Lighting : Dominique Fortin
    Costume designer : Cidalia da Costa, assisted by Anne Yarmola, Sylvie Barras and Hafid Bachiri
    Dresser trainee : Galaad Thévenard
    Make up / hairdressing : Cécile Kretschmar
    Make up : Sophie Niesseron
    Choreography : Cécile Bon
    Overall production : Léo Thévenon
    Constructeur workshop : Jipanco
    Rehearsal room : Lilas en scène
    Production administration : Karinne Méraud

  • Didier bezace

    © B. Enguérand

    Didier Bezace is a stage director and an actor for the cinema and the theatre.

    Cofounder in 1970 of the Théâtre de l’Aquarium at the Cartoucherie in Paris then director of the Théâtre de la Commune from 1997 to 2013, he created his own company in 2014.

    L’Entêtement amoureux.

  • Production and coproduction :
    L’entêtement amoureux – Compagnie Didier Bezace, Les châteaux de la Drôme.

    Coproduction :
    Productions – Groupe Michel Boucau

In pratice

  • Opening of the château and its gardens at 19.30. Access to the seats from 20.30. Start of the show at 21.00.

    The seats are numbered and guaranteed up to 5 minutes before the start of the performance.

  • The Bar du Bosquet welcomes you from 19.30 to 01.00 for light refreshments.

  • Animals, push-chairs, recordings (sound, video, photo) are no allowed.

    The show takes place outside; make sure to bring adequate clothes.

    The show is unsuitable for children under 10. The under 3s are not admitted.

    Spectators with reduced mobility should mention it when booking.