Durationfrom 7 to 9.30 pm

In partnership with the châteaux

The lorry of the first art nOmad biennale is stopping at the château. A special moment full of poetry.

This stopover at the Adhémars' château offers several artistic opportunities :

  • The guided tour of the Whirldwindsong exhibition by artist Cécile le Talec. Suitable for French speakers only.
  • The discovery of the art nOmad exhibition in the vehicle (participating artists: J. Biggs, USA; M. Fatmi, Morocco; A. Kazma, Turkey; R. Labastie, France; R. Montgomery, United Kingdom; E. Régent, France...). Suitable for English speakers.
  • The exceptional encounter with Les Siffleurs de la Somme ("The whistlers from the Somme") who imitate bird songs whereas Paul Ardenne will read from his book Comme je suis oiseau. Suitable for French speakers only.

Created by the art nOmad association, this itinerant biennial is an artistic and experimental project aimed to reach the 56th Venice Art Biennale (via an indirect route) from the association headquarters in Arnac-la-Poste in the Limousin region, taking with them in the art nOmad vehicle works by artists selected by Paul Ardenne, a writer and contemporary art historian, curator of the Luxemburg pavilion at the 56th Venice Art Biennale.  

For further information on the event, see below in French.