Mixing architecture, digital arts and sounds, Whirlwindsong is an artistic adventure which questions the barriers between language and space.

Cécile le Talec explores intermediary spaces, that which is visible and invisible, sound and its silence, movement and the disappearance of gesture. Since 2004, she has been studying whistled languages, mirror languages used by a few communities in the world. Her explorations have led her to Spain (the Canaries/ La Goméra), to Mexico (the state of Oaxaca) and to China (Guizhou Province).

Through her meetings with linguists, phoneticians, musicians and composers, her artwork has been fed on the whistled language and has formed tales in which the melodic material is the basis for a set of videos, sculptures, photographs, drawings, sound pieces. From these polymorphic journeys on the borders of language, song and landscape, a real laboratory emerges where works are born from experiments with plasticity and melody.
At the Adhémars' château, the Whirlwindsong exhibition is the result of her previous sound explorations and favours a musical approach to the territory. It hinges on three big projects carried on in Japan (September 2015) and in France, especially during a summer residency in Moly-Sabata in Isère.

With their complementary qualities, an installation, a film and a musical composition question the forms of territories generated by languages, geographies and music, whilst belonging to the digital technology sphere. The original installations, mostly thought out in situ, play with the architecture of the place.

Suitable for non French speakers.

For further information on the event, see below in French.

Concert / performance - samedi 12 décembre

Samedi 12 décembre - 18h30

GRATUIT sur réservation au 04 75 00 62 30

Durée : 45 min

Parcours musical et sonore autour des œuvres dans les espaces d’exposition. Performance de poésie sonore autour de l’œuvre Prosodie, une partition qui mêle langage, notes de musique et chant d'oiseaux (retranscription phonétique) lue et chantée en français et en japonais.

Concert Suivi d'une rencontre avec Cécile Le Talec et les interprètes.

Avec Didier Plisson (percussions, claviers et seraphin), Chieko Hayashi (mezzo-soprano),
Joseph Poulignier (guitare), Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec (voix)


Rez-de-chaussée / 20 min

> Variations « prosodies » : composition pour voix, percussions et guitare (Didier Plisson, Chieko Hayashi et Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec) / 8 min
> Solo Souffle : Chieko Hayashi (voix et bande enregistrée vent) et percussions (Didier Plisson) / 5 min
> Variations « serinettes » / 7 min : composition pour voix, componium et percussions (Didier Plisson, Chieko Hayashi et Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec)

Etage sur plancher chantant : voix, percussions, guitare et séraphin / 25 min

> Groundsong 1 / prologue : 9 min
> Groundsong 2 / dialogue : 9 min
> Naruto / epilogue : 7 min

Cécile le Talec, Fugue, 2014, video movie, black and white, silent film, 7 mn © C. le Talec.

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