Alain Brunet trumpet/bugle/voice
Jean Gros guitar
Luis Manresa bass
Pascal Bouterin drums

Story of a friendship as there are many with musicians. The will to share colours, forms, to have a dialogue, to confront one’s journey. Akpé Motion, fed of jazz rock and world music, a unique vision : drummer/artist Pascal Bouterin, guitarist Jean Gros and bass player/Cuban singer Luis Manresa make up this unique trio. The trumpet player Alain Brunet, who usually plays Miles Davis repertoire, is going into a new territory of traditional musics and impro with this new CD and for a few concerts.

Akpé Motion presents a new album Migration, made of its many journey around the world to the USA, Australia, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Mexico, Europe, Madagascar, Mayotte, Reunin Island, Mauritius…etc These new tracks invite the public to travel with these citizens of the world who seem to be particularly sensitive to our current times migrations. 

Bookings at Suze-la-Rousse Office du Tourisme 04 75 04 81 41 -  tickets also on sale at the venue before the concert. 


Ice sea