Movie festival

Projection of an animated film, light painting workshop and meeting in songs.
The Château de Montélimar welcomes once again the young audience for this 8th edition of the "de l'Ecrit à l'Ecran" Festival.

Program at Montelimar Castle:

September 18
• The Birdhouse
10:30am - From 3 years
Cinema 40 min - VF - Free admission

• Light Painting
4pm - From 6 years
Workshop 45 min - Free admission

September 19th
• Guillaume Aldebert
6pm - child audience
Meeting - Free admission


  • Montélimar


  • Young audience | Cinema

    La cabane aux oiseaux


    Children's books turn into animated movies on the big screen!
    9 short films, stories from literature for the youth, with the hero recurring the bird. Small enchanting stories that travel through time and space, in the world of flowers and insects of the polar world, birds of the savannahs, from Antarctica to the East.

    Find the youth albums whose films are adapted with the Nouvelle Librairie Baume.

  • Montélimar

    September 18th

  • Children

    Light Painting


    Become a painter of light and give free rein to your imagination to create bright and colorful shapes.

    45 min - 4pm

  • Montélimar

    September, 19th

  • Young audience | Meeting

    Meet Guillaume Aldebert


    Open your ears, bring your cameras, Aldebert will be there, in the flesh. It's been 10 years since he managed the feat of bridging both young and old with his Enfantillages, 3 albums of children's songs.

    45 min - 6pm