Jazz, classic and other music surprises' festival

The festival celebrates its 20th anniversary!
Let's celebrate together a fun, festive, swing and elegant edition.

Programm :

• 31st October: Tagadatsing

Swing spirit vocal quartet and acoustic total version

• 8 November: Ecca

Gipsy Jazz Quartet Explosive

• 15th November: Pierre Yves Plat

Boogie pianist, whimsical and virtuoso

• 29th November: Sinne Eeg
(double voice duet with Thomas Fonnesbaek)

• 6th December: DJ Harry Cover

Jazz cover specialist and resident DJ of the Jazz à Vienne festival

Dance party in the tinel

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  • Grignan

    31 october 2019

  • Concert

    Tagada Tsing

    Parody Vocal Quartet

    Four a capella voices take you on a parodic musical show, with a humorous staging!

    The four singers-comedians revisit a repertoire composed of Anglo-Saxon music from the 30s to today, mixing with virtuoso jazz standards, pop music, gospel and film music.

    At the crossroads of music, dance and theater, the artists offer you a show that mixes delightfully vocal polyphony, humor and poetry.

    - 8.30 pm - Fees : 15 / 13 / 8 €

  • © Rémy Donnadieu
  • Grignan

    November 8th, 2019

  • Concert


    Stunning virtuosity, modern melodic lines, classy and precise rhythms... Benoit Concert's new project, Remi Crambes, Yannick Alcocer and Joan Eche-Puig seduce the audience immediately.

    Around a repertoire that gives pride of place to the Jazz standards (Reinhardt, Ellington, Parker, Coltrane ...), the violinist Rémi CRAMBES is supported by Benoît CONVERT and Yannick ALCOCER, both from the famous band "Les Fingers de the Man "and Joan ECHE-PUIG on the double bass (Anne PACEO).
    Gathered around the pleasure of playing together, these four musicians offer original arrangements that constitute an ideal playground for improvisation.

    - 8.30 pm - Fees : 15 / 13 / 8 €

  • © Yannick Alcocer
  • Grignan


  • Concert

    Pierre-Yves Plat

    Piano solo

    Classical or jazz? Pierre-Yves Plat escapes the labels. Sometimes he casts a jeering glance at his audience, sometimes he tenses at a chord, on a note and keeps his position for a few seconds, as if in search of balance. Between two chords, he readjusts the position of his stool, wipes his forehead, even takes the opportunity to blackmail the audience!
    He gives a lot of freedom to his game that seems easy ...

    From Chopin to Ray Charles via Bach, Beethoven and Steevy Wonder, Pierre-Yves Plat succeeds in a musical journey between humor and fantasy, classical and jazz: a real show!

    - Fees : 20 / 17 / 8 €

  • © Guillaume Garcia
  • Grignan

    November 29th, 2019

  • Concert

    Eeg & Fonnesbæk

    Voice Duo / Double Bass

    The talented Scandinavian singer performs a program, mostly composed of standards, in duet with bassist Thomas Fonnesbaek. A perilous exercise that highlights the freedom of interpretation, virtuosity and connivance of the two artists.

    The Danish jazz singer, confirmed star in Europe, fulfills all the conditions: copper tone, perfect intonation, swing, infallible taste and risk taking. She is an accomplished musician who also has a talent for singing with great naturalness ...
    She has surrounded herself with a dream team. Downbeat

    Mini bio:
    Sinne Eeg is one of the great talents of the new Scandinavian jazz scene and certainly the most renowned jazz vocalist in Denmark. His vocal style allowed him to conquer a growing audience.

    Influenced by Nancy Wilson, Betty Carter and Sarah Vaughan, Sinne was able to infuse into his music the sometimes subtly melancholic accents of Scandinavian sensitivity.

    - 8.30 pm - Fees : 20 / 17 / 8 €

  • © Stephen Freiheit
  • Grignan

    December 6, 2019

  • Concert

    DJ Harry Cover

    Repeats, remixes, bootlegs & mashups

    Dj Harry Cover is really not a dj like the others ... For about 10 years, this former radio host Ferarock, became THE French specialist covers (cover = cover in French, hence the name!) And other improbable versions. This dangerous nosy musician, obsessional collector of covers and not original versions, jostles the dancefloors with his atypical sounds and offbeat.

    Dj Harry Cover makes you rediscover the essential hits of the history of music in surprising, 100% different versions.

    - 9 pm - Fees : 10 / 8 €

  • © Harry Cover
  • Grignan

    February 14, 2020
    8:30 pm

  • Concert


    Solo piano voice

    Nach, it's Anna Chedid. Between lyric singing, jazz, pop-rock, she will dazzle you with her sweetness. Her music is a guarantee of freshness and the energy she gives off is sublimated by the sweetness of her words.

    Valentine's Day Game
    Try to win tickets for Nach's concert at Château de Grignan!


    - Fees : 20 / 17 / 8 €

  • ©Margaux Shore
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  • Grignan

    February 23, 2020

  • Concert

    Akilone Quartet

    Beethoven, Fauré, Brahms

    Born in 2011 in Paris, the Akilone Quartet, laureate of the Grand Prize of the International Competition of String Quartet of Bordeaux and the ProQuartet prize.

    Recognized for the poetic vision of the works he addresses, the Akilone Quartet defends with sensitivity, intelligence and fantasy the extensive repertoire of the string quartet. It is the fruit of a human and musical adventure born in Paris in 2011.

    - Fees : 25 / 19 / 10 €

  • ©Laurent Monlaü
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  • Grignan

    March 15, 2020 - cancelled

  • Concert

    Trio Chausson - Cancelled

    Dvorak, Chopin, Schubert, Liszt

    Founded in 2001 at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris, the Chausson Trio has become today an essential reference of the musical landscape. First prize at the 2005 International Chamber Music Competition in Weimar and "Rising Star" in 2007, the three musicians recorded five discs at Mirare.

    - Fees : 25 / 19 / 10€

  • Thomas O'Brien
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  • Grignan

    March 29, 2020

  • Concert

    Jonathan Dunford Ensemble

    The favorite tunes of the Marquise: Lully, Marin Marais and Bertrand de Bacilly

    Madame de Sevigne would often listen to Lully's operas, which she liked to call "Baptiste". She also enjoyed writing lyrics to the tunes of her favorite composer. The collection of the castle houses an 18th century lyricist of the occasional songs that his cousin, Philippe Emmanuel de Coulanges, laid on the tunes of Lully. The program will draw on this repertoire and in the writings of the Marquise, in order to restore the taste of the arts of the 17th century to the castle of Grignan.

    - Fees : 20 / 17 / 8 €

  • © Jonathan Dunford
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