Live like a young noble!


Experience with your family the life of Court at the Renaissance: games, sports, leisure, danse court...!

Every day of the week, the castle and its wooded park come alive with fun activities to make you relive the daily life of the gentlemen and ladies of court.


• Young noble's hobbies
Everyday - Activities in the castle and park

• Fun routes in the museum
Board Games in a reconstituted living room
Traditional wooden games, bowling, shuffleboard

• The education of the young noble
Monday to Friday afternoon - 2 workshops per day

• Exercise workshops: fencing, archery or ball games
Artistic workshops: court dance, typography or visual arts


Included in the rate Free visit.

In partnership with the bi-departmental committee of rural sport CDSMR 07-26, the company of tricastine archers, Gemelli Gelato - creator of Italian ice creams, Valérie Karpouchko - specialist of the games, the tricastine Iron Mask, Fanny Ouvrard - visual artist, Quentin Préaud - typographer, Talon pointe - dance company.


  • Suze-la-Rousse

  • Family activity

  • Suze-la-Rousse

  • Family activity