Soprano - Bass Viol

The Marquise's favorite tunes ...

Oftenly, Madame de Sévigné went to listen Lully's operas. She called him "Baptiste" and really liked having fun writing lyrics on the tunes of her favorite composer.

The Château's collection houses an 18th century lyricist of the occasional songs that his cousin, Philippe Emmanuel de Coulanges, posed to the tunes of Lully.

The program will draw on this repertoire and on the writings of the Marquise, in order to restore the taste for 17th century arts at the Château of Grignan.

Marie Théoleyre : soprano
Sylvia Abramowicz : bass viol (France, anonymous, 17th century),
Jonathan Dunford : bass viol (Salomon, Paris, 1741),
Léa Masson : theorbo
& Julia de Gasquet : actress


Program :

Lully, Marin Marais and Bertrand de Bacilly