Violins, viola, cello

Haydn, Schubert



The Ludwig Quartet, awarded in countless international competitions, has 35 years of passion and concerts around the world. We owe him an abundant discography crowned with numerous awards, notably the Grand Prix du Disque Lyrique, the Grand Prix de l'Académie du Disque Français, the Grand Prix International du Disque of the Académie Charles Cros and the Grand Prix du Midem.

Their latest opus, Carnet de Voyage, was released in 2018 on the Ameson label.

Sébastien Surel
: 1st violin

Manuel Doutrelant : 2nd violin

Padrig Fauré : viola

Anne Copéry : cello


Program :

HAYDN, Quartet opus 76 n °4 "Sunrise"
SCHUBERT, Quartet "The young girl and death"


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