Fees : 10€ / 8€ DurationAbout 1:30

Unconventional tours

With Delices DADA

Visit the chateau and its park during an offbeat guided tour and enter a unique world.

Come and enjoy the lasting whiff of absurd humor provided by a rewriting of history and an invention taken in the landscape of this remarkable monument and its park. Discover unexpected characters and an extravagant museum of historical curiosities. Let yourself be drawn into the singular universe of Delices DADA through three courses tailored to the occasion. A pleasant madness that leaves lasting memories.

Fares :
Full 10€
Discounted 8€

Information and bookings: 04 75 91 83 65
Food available on site
For all ages

Jeff Thiébaut
Richard Brun,
Chris Chanet,
Judith Levasseur,
Marion Piqué,
Gaëlle René,
Jeff Thiébaut,
Judith Thiébaut.