Family visits and workshops in the castles during the Autumn school break.

Information and bookings 04 75 91 83 64 or


  • Suze-la-Rousse

    THU 26 OCT - FRI 27 OCT 2017
    THU 2 NOV - FRI 3 NOV 2017

  • Visit | Children

    Chateau of Suze-la-Rousse

    A la carte visits

    Surrounded by wooded parkland and vineyards, the castle of Suze-la-Rousse offers remarkable views. During the school holidays, nature and landscape are in the spotlight with creative workshops. A la carte guided tour: each family is invited to draw words, pictures from a large bag. Each of the cards refers to a room, a work of art, a piece of decoration from the castle. All you have to do now is to create the route to find each part.

    Family visit
    Fare: 5€

    Starts at 2:30pm

    Information and bookings: 04 75 91 83 64 Monday to Friday 9:30am to 12:30pm or
    Limited availability

    - From 6 years old

  • Suze-la-Rousse

    WED 25 OCT 2017

  • Children

    Chateau of Suze-la-Rousse

    A landscape to photograph

    The castle's terraces offer a great view over the Baronnies and the Montmirail mountains. After a study of the landscape, you will be taught the basics of composing a picture before taking photographs and express your creativity. Bring your camera!

    With Sophie Hatier, photographer, creating exhibitions, photo reportages, on set shootings and educational projects.

    Starts at 2:30pm
    Duration: 2:30
    Fare: Children above 12: 6€  - Adult 8€

    - From 7 years old

  • Grignan

    21 OCT > 5 NOV 2017

  • Young audience | Children

    Chateau of Grignan

    The Tricky Bag

    The Tricky Bag, a new family free visit!
    From October 21st, come and experience a new way of discovering the castle with a real bag of tricks! Filled with objects to manipulate, it is given to you for the time of your visit to give free rein to fantasy, humor and imagination.

    Included with the entrance fee
    To borrow on the spot

    - From 5 years old

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