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The Adhemars' chateau is happy to take part in the new edition of the festival De l'écrit à l'écran and hopes to contribute to develop exchanges and meetings with the younger generations.

In 2017, a new phase has opened for the Adhémars' chateau in Montélimar with the launch of a new cultural project in which children have their place: the Chatolabo. This will to create with the younger generations is also reflected in the partnership with the festival De l'écrit à l'écran by participating in the premiere of Michel Ocelot's DILILI in Paris and welcoming François and Marion Sarano at the castle.

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  • Montélimar

    WED 19 SEPT 2018

  • Cinema

    Preview of Dilili in Paris by Michel Ocelot

    Preview of Dilili in Paris on Wednesday 19th September at 2pm at the Petrucciani auditorium in Montélimar, with the director Michel Ocelot.
    In the Paris of the Belle Epoque, accompanied by a young deliveryman in scooter, the little Kanak Dilili investigates mysterious kidnappings of girls. She goes from adventure to adventure through the prestigious city, meeting extraordinary men and women, who help her, and villains, who rage in the shadows.

    Organised by the Adhemars' chateau and the festival De l'écrit à l'écran.

  • Montélimar

    SUN 23 SEPT 2018

  • Young audience | Meeting

    Meetings and workshop at the Adhemars' chateau

    * Meet up with Patrice Leconte, film director, at 11am

    * Meet up with François Sarano, head of expeditions of commandant Cousteau, at 2pm

    * Family workshop at 3pm: reading and drawing with Marion Sarano with the children book The little girl who walked on water.

  • Montélimar

    LUN 24 SEPT 2018

  • Cinema

    Animated film by Tomm Moore

    Le Chant de la Mer

    Le Chant de la Mer, animated movie by Tomm Moore.
    Inspired by celtic legends, the adventure of Maïna, a gifted little girl.

    At Le Palace cinema in Montélimar.


What else to see

  • Exhibition | Meeting
  • Event in partnership with the Cafés Littéraires
  • Carte Blanche to Marion Fayolle
  • SAT 6 > SUN 14 OCT 2018
  • Montélimar

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