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A medieval palace

Situated on a former castle mound founded by the Adhémar family in the 10th century, this medieval palace was built by the same family in the 12th century. It bears the name of a prestigious lineage both in Provence and Dauphiné whose members were feudal lords of Montélimar for several centuries.

The site is composed of a seigniorial abode, a Romanesque chapel, a square tower and fortified walls topped with a rampart walk. With the passing centuries, the buildings have known numerous functions: palace, citadel, prison, public cultural place.

This listed historical building, property of the Drôme Department, underwent successive restorations before opening to the public in 1983. Since 2000, it houses a contemporary art centre which develops an ambitious programme of temporary exhibitions together with cultural actions and an arts education mission both in and out of doors. The place also lends itself to the hosting of shows, meetings and conferences all year long.

Chatolabo is a new project to create a castle by and for children. Prototypes, imagined by a group of children have been tested during the Spring holidays, from April 7 to 22, 2018. The opportunity to discover the Magic Lantern, the Black Square, or the robots mascots, amongst other fun interactive objects. 

An audioguide

is at your disposal to help you discover the rooms.