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At the Adhémars' chateau:


Reading by Lisa Schuster (French).
From "Libres comme elles" by Audrey Pulvar (ed. La Martinière) How Norma Jean from an orphanage became Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood star and had to fight against the "dumb blonde" image" of a misogynist America. Torn between the love of the public and the desire of men, Marilyn breaks the conventions with the strength of her own wounds and her doubts about her own talent.

  • MEETING WITH AUDREY PULVAR (in French) - 11:30am

Author of "Libres commes elles" (As free as them), éditions La Martinière. Talk about the themes of her novel "Libres comme elles" in which Audrey Pulvar writes about the exceptional lives of 20 women: artists, writers, politicians...etc such as Marilyn Monroe, Nina Simone, Simone Veil and many others. The festival and its partner, the Adhemars' chateau invite you to meet this singular and free woman.

Free entrance, limited seats.

6th edition

  • From 19th to 24th September in Montelimar and Le Teil.

    A panorama of about forty films. The quintessence of the year's world cinema. No competition, but the will to tell the world through the unexpected and innovative look of filmmakers, from close and faraway places.

    The will to take the time to offer a second breath to singular works. To exchange, to question, to laugh or to be moved together.

    Since cinema feeds on all the arts we create bridges with theater, literature, dance, music ...

    This festival also offers to dive into the heart of cinema and learn about its practices through open competitions. The public will be able to discover "the other side of a film's decor" by attending popular and playful animations, to try to become a director by participating in the "film marathon", to meet artists who want to share their passions with the public.

    The festival highlights the work of screenwriters through a short film screenplay competition adapted from short stories and using technical industry.