Picnic lunch

Open to all

A festive family day out. Free during the day in the warren. Evening shows for ticket holders only.

For the second year running, Châteaux de la Drôme are offering a big family day out, full of fun and good food.

On Saturday 1st August, the site of the château of Suze-la-Rousse and its warren will be in turn playing field, open-air stage and country setting for a family picnic and wine tasting.
In the midst of a beautiful summer, the château will be seen in its best light, that of a fortress dominating the Lez valley at its feet. On that festive day, the visitors will be able to make their own this exceptional place, home to one of the most beautiful Renaissance courtyards and a fifty-seven acre wooded warren of holm oak and umbrella pine woodland.

A full day of activities :

  • talented artists from all walks of life (musicians, jugglers, acrobats...) will display their magical and fascinating worlds,
  • public readings, walks, guided tours, fun workshops (model of the château)...will be on offer all day long,
  • local produce and AOC wines will be proudly presented by the producers and sommeliers,
  • a picnic will bring together the visitors in the privacy and shade of the park.


  • Suze-la-Rousse

  • Young audience | Show

    Various show

    The first august all day long, there are various show. Juggle, music, dance.

    - Fees : Gratuit

Show programme

Quelle émotion (?)

By the company Alex Cie autonome.
He's on his own, which is already remarkable, but that's not all... So he juggles and shares his thoughts with us, out loud, unaffectedly.

Damien Heinrich : juggling and strolling


By the company Du O des branches – music installation
An exhibition suspended to the shade of the trees.
In the shade of a beautiful tree, "Arbrité" is a surprising musical break for the whole family. Rocked by the murmur of the leaves or by the melodies of the players perched on the branches, the public settles comfortably on honeycomb cell-shaped seats at ground level !

La Boz Galana

Duet for harp and song. Early music from the 13th to the 18th century.

Lucie Gallibois

World lullabies
How are children put to sleep in various countries ?
Lucie Gallibois has collected for you a few traditional lullabies from several various cultures. From Haïti to Georgia via Canada, Lucie takes us on a journey, a very smooth and tender journey, for the whole family...even the youngest.

Les Chats Badins

A music and dance show, 100% swing.

Damien Heinrich

Discover in movie.

Les Chats Badins
  • Suze-la-Rousse

    All day

  • Young audience | Meeting


    All the visitors should come with their picnic basket.

    But once there, everybody will be able to create their own meal with the local produce for sale on the stalls :

    - La Ronde paysanne, the shop of the Drôme and Vaucluse producers with its large choice of farm produce,

    - The winegrowers from Suze-la-Rousse and Grignan-les-Adhémar,

    - Circuit court Baronnies Provençales (direct selling) "Produce made in Baronnies",

    - Les Crêpes à Babet,

    - Le Bar du Château,

    - Tasting of Drôme wines with sommeliers.

    In the warren and in the heart of the spaces decorated by Marie Bouchacourt, enjoy yourselves !

  • Suze-la-Rousse

    All day

  • Young audience | Guided tour

    Workshops all day long

    Workshops, stroll, playing and reading


Model-making workshop

A model of the château to assemble and take apart in order to understand architecture while having fun. Of 10h a.m to 6h p.m.

Les Zarkyroul

Caravans open onto the world where one can paint, cut, stick, sew, print, sing, dance... Les Zarkyroul offer visual arts, sewing and artistic recycling workshops to children aged 4 and above.

Guided walks in the warren.

Duration 30 min. Start : 10h30, 11h30 a.m. and 2h30, 3h30, 4h30 and 5h30 p.m.

Dinner's ready! Appetizing public readings

Come and enjoy stories that will make your mouth water. An appetizing house, a mouthwatering bakery, a wonderful vegetable plot, but beware of the ogre hiding behind a tree! Stories to bite into, nursery rhymes to devour, books to savour...

Activity offered by the Media Library of the Drôme Department.
By Céline Rostain and Hélène Inard-Charvin. Of 1h p.m. to 4h30 p.m.

Perfume organ

La Maison des plantes aromatiques from Buis les Baronnies.

Sandcastles by the company FestiJeux

Buckets, spades, sand. The children will not find a better setting and source of inspiration than the château of Suze to build their own castles.


What else to see

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  • Quand le diable s'en mêle
  • The Night Festivals
  • From 26 june to 22 august
  • Grignan

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  • Show | Young audience
  • In the courtyard
  • Extérieur cour
  • For 30 july to 5 august
  • Suze-la-Rousse

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