In the courtyard

Open to all

The château of Suze-la-Rousse welcomes you for a week of circus evening shows: virtuosos of the tightrope, the unicycle and of the trampoline share the stage.


  • Suze-la-Rousse

    From 30 july to 5 august
    (no performance on 2nd august)
    at 7h30 p.m.

  • Show | Young audience

    A circus solo for an original unicycle-and-trampoline artist

    Les Zèles d'Obus

    Open to all

    Four chairs and a table on a circular stage the centre of which is nothing more than a trampoline. A character drawn from the comic and poetic world of the 1900s lets himself be carried away in a chase full of surprises, orchestrated by a teasing fly. This insect hunt makes him defy the law of gravity, his own gravity, paying no heed to balance on his unicycle and trampoline.

    25 minute - Fees : 5€

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  • Suze-la-Rousse

    From 30 july to 5 august
    (no performance on 2nd august)
    at 9h p.m.

  • Show | Young audience

    Les Etoiles

    Under the starry sky of the real tennis court, Les colporteurs offer two tightrope acts: "Le chas du violon" and "Evohé".

    Le chat du violon (2014 creation)

    The knowing journey of a mother and daughter on tightropes where they stroll, weightlessly, barefoot, in cowboy boots or in high heels. Fragile balance carried by the melodic sound of the violin. Tightropes intertwine to weave a duet full of humour, tenderness and lightness.

    By and with Agathe Olivier / Coline Rlgot

    EVOHÉ(2015 creation)

    A short choreographic piece inspired by a gem of the founding texts of mythology: the happy meeting of Ariadne and Bacchus. She lets herself be approached then runs away. So, slowly, they get accustomed to each other. Balanced between a bowl and a parasol, they become intoxicated with a dance which tickles the toes...

    By and with Julia Figuière/Julien Posada.
    Direction : Antoine Rigot.

    1h - For 8 year-olds upwards - Fees : 12€, 10€, 8€

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Company presentation movie
  • Suze-la-Rousse

    Sunday 2 august
    At 9h30 p.m.

  • Young audience

    Open-air cinema evening

    Salto Mortale

    In 2000, Antoine Rigot, a brilliant high-wire acrobat, co-founder of Les Colporteurs, lost the use of his legs. Rather than making him leave the stage, his injured body prompted him to become both object and subject of his shows. Little by little, the desire to flirt with balance came back.

    Screening followed with a talk with Antoine Rigot.
    A humble and brave tightrope walker's fall and revival.
    Bar and light refreshments available: Bar du Château and Crêpes à Babet'.

    In partnership with the Fédération des Œuvres Laïques de la Drôme, L’Ecran mobile, Zeugma Films Distribution.

    1h35 - 12 years old - Fees : 4€

Bande Annonce SALTO MORTALE from ZeugmaFilms on Vimeo.

Un film de Guillaume Kozakiewiez au cinéma LE 26 NOVEMBRE 2014
En 2000, Antoine Rigot, funambule virtuose, est victime d’un accident de la vie.
Plutôt que de s’éloigner de la scène, son corps blessé l’incite à devenir à la fois l’objet et le sujet de ses spectacles. Renaît peu à peu le désir de flirter avec l’équilibre.Chute et renaissance d’un funambule, humble et courageux.

Auteurs : Guillaume Kozakiewiez, Grégory Nieuvarts, en collaboration avec Anne Paschetta
Image : Guillaume Kozakiewiez - Montage : Kamel Maad

France / Suisse - 2014 - 94' - DCP
Production : Vivement Lundi ! (France), GroupeGalactica (France) et Caravel Production (Suisse)
Coproduction : Les Colporteurs et AGM Factory (France)
Distribution : Zeugma Films

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