N'importe où hors du monde

Anywhere out of the World

The exhibition will take you to a time and history revisited by Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito, a draughtsman who spreads out his work without bounds, edge and sometimes pencil.

Andrea Mastrovito belongs to that new generation of creators for whom drawing is the raw material. If he uses techniques as varied as painting, paper installations or collage, drawing remains his reference technique.  
Fascinated by history, he reinterprets it, immerses himself in the myths, the religions, the people, and then reveals some of their episodes that make sense with the place he exhibits in. Favouring the mixing of genres and periods, his work belongs in a poetic way to timelessness, fiction and the realm of fancy.

Coming from the world of painting  and the Punk movement, Andrea Mastrovito, according to his experiments, has been directing his area of research outside the pictorial sphere, creating with simple means and poor materials and especially paper, the recurrent basis of the whole of his works. His drawing ability can be seen everywhere, in and out of the sheet of paper, spreads on it and also outside it, without limit, without edge, without the pencil, on the wall, on the screen, in volume, through an installation, through a projection.

Within the three châteaux, with the project entitled N'importe où hors du monde ("Anywhere out of the World") unfolded over three singular parts, this young artist is going to make some propositions connected with the history of each site: a new installation with a link with the art of the table in Suze-la-Rousse ("K-Ration"), wall sculptures around Madame de Sévigné and her daughter in Grignan ("The unnamed feeling"), a collection of new creations in situ (video animation, sculptures, installations) referring to the disciplined era of the antagonistic past in Montélimar ("And justice for all").

Take place outdoors

Find more of Andrea Mastrovito's work in the châteaux of Suze-la-Rousse and of Grignan.

Andrea Mastrovito, Dinner - We are all Americans, 2015, pencil on combined style of château of Suze-la-Rousse.
Andrea Mastrovito, Breakfast -Poland it's us 2015, pencil on combined style of château of Suze-la-Rousse.

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  • WED 21 OCT 2015
  • Montélimar

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  • 17 > 18 OCT 2015
  • Montélimar

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