Course 2

César, Faces to face

At the Château de Montélimar, two contemporary artists inspired by the tutelary figure of Caesar expose their creations.

The accumulation and the transformation of objects base the work in volume of Thibault Franc, who collects toys and waste materials to bring out new forms. He also shares with Caesar a taste for popular culture and a lush imagination where animals proliferate.

In echo with Caesar's experiments on the viscosity of materials (polyurethane foam, crystal ...), Frédérique Nalbandian explores soap in all its variations of shape or color. The sets of curves and the pearly shades evoke a sensorality that Caesar would not deny.



Visit COURSE 1 at the Saint-Martin Museum of Montélimar.

César (1921-1998)

Born in Marseille in 1921, he knew from the age of 25 a celebrity quickly international. His overflowing creativity has led him to iconoclastic gestures and radical experiments, such as his compressions or expansions, which have been scandals, but have played a major role in the re-invention of modernity. A striking figure in the New Realists' movement, he nevertheless retains an attachment to the classical tradition, which is read in his taste for technical perfection.


Born in 1967 in Menton, she practices sculpture, drawing and installations. Soap is one of the materials with which she stubbornly explores the formal and poetic possibilities. His works created in situ echo and reveal the architecture that welcomes them.

Frédérique Nalbandian

Thibault Franc

Born in 1976 in Bordeaux near the Public Garden, in an area populated by birds, carp, old men and gardeners, Thibault Franc studied philosophy, which will lead him to this learned melancholy that only a hectic life and the humor can manage to dispel. Through his paintings, his sculptures, his videos, Thibault Franc seeks to worsen the culture, to make it both funny and more disturbing.

Thibault Franc

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